Bally Switzerland: The Architects of Leather
Leather is Bally’s medium and muse; a fine material of life that serves both functionality and creativity. Since 1851, the enduring pioneer spirit of founder Carl Franz Bally has imbued this uniquely Swiss brand with an attitude that lifts it above the ordinary to maintain Bally’s everlasting commitment to inspirational innovation and craftsmanship excellence for over 161 years. In 1976, Bally extended its modern shoe collections to include handbags, leather accessories and ready-to- wear, with every product testament to Bally’s passion for perfection: the punctuation of a brogue; the soft touch of a bag’s leather; the classic silhouette of a sartorial jacket; the elegant contour of a Bally heel. Now owned by the LABELUX Group, Bally Switzerland is one of the world’s most enduring luxury brands. With ever increasing global operations and a robust eCommerce business, Bally continues to go from strength-to-strength every year.



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