It has been some time that we were looking into developing a new concept store that will cater to those seeking premium luxury products. Once an opportunity was presented to us with a prime location in Al Hamra Mall, we immediately delved into developing this idea further. First, we searched long and hard to come up with a name which would fit the products we sell while appreciating the culture of Kuwait. And so Alma, a word that is derived from the precious “almaass” in Arabic yet definitely paying homage to one of the world’s center of luxury in France, was chosen. The next hurdle was the design.  We had one goal in mind; to build a home where our clients can find a range of higher-end watches & jewelry in store befitting of the products being displayed. After many months of hard work, sleepless nights, and plenty of worked-up emotions, we are proud to introduce to you Alma, the new home of luxury. And so we welcome you to a new chapter and inshallah long future in Alma.