Al-Jazeera perfumes

Al-Jazeera perfumes has been distinguished since its origin by specializing in selling the unique luxury perfumes presents which gain the satisfaction of the chosen uniqueness from Gulf people. Al-Jazeera perfumes aspires to establish the concept of perfect uniqueness fro its all perfumes and products and so by using natural luxury raw materials from Indian Aoud and alward AlTaaifi (Taaif roses), these materials are manufactured with the co-operation with the most famous French perfumes house in order to offer a collection of unique connoissours which bottled in Italian and French exclusive group of crystals that are specially manufactured for Al-Jazeera Perfumes. Al-Jazeera Perfumes takes over a great concern for the present's boxes that are designing in the best Italian design houses, these designs are marked with a competition between the oriental tradition and stimulating western magic. Now Al-Jazeera perfumes branches are spreading all over the Gulf countries which are (Qatar, Kuwait, The United Emirates and Saudi Arabia) in the biggest and significant shopping malls. And the company is applying a plan of spreading in order to be in all Gulf countries and also in the biggest oriental and western capitals. 



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