Al Arbash Jewellery

Abdulamir & Hussain Al Arbash Jewellery is one of the Leading Company having its Own Repute in the field of Modern Jewelery and Watches of Various Eminent Company of Italy, Europe and Many More Famous Brands of Jewelery and Watches. Our Brand AH Al Arbash has high goodwill value in terms of customer satisfaction and offering personalized services.

The Conceptualization of the Organization started way back in 1958 by Abdulamir and Hussain Al-Arbash when the concept of Modern Jewellery was the outset of Momentum of New Fashion Trend in the midst of way back Abdulamir and Hussain Al-Arbash Let the Foundation of a Jewelery Company in Kuwait. As the time went on the Abdulamir & Hussain Al Arbash Jewellery, Became very popular because of its quality products and services that the company offers to the customer and also taking care of complete satisfaction of all the customers, keeping in mind the concept of "Customer is the King". Likewise the Abdulamir & Hussain Al-Arbash Jewellery Established its goodwill into the market since the business is parental in nature has its own reputation in the field of Jewelery business for about a century with the name Arbash. So, the name Arbash has got its own acceptance among the upper and middle class customers in Kuwait. And our goal is to continue with our goodwill and our offering to the customers in future also.

Abdulamir & Hussain Al Arbash Jewellery Company has been established in 1958 in Kuwait by Honorable Chairman ABDULAMIR & HUSSAIN AL ARBASH with a single gold shop, with the continuous and sincere determination. The New Modern Jewellery Co. has got its reputation in the field of Diamond Jewellery.

Established        ---    1958
Founder Director    ---    ABDULAMIR & HUSSAIN AL ARBASH
Managing Director    ---    ALI AL ARBASH



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