Al Hamra


Features and Benefits

  • Prime historic landmark location, in the heart of Kuwait City’s commercial district.
  • World tallest carved skyscraper 413m high & 80 levels.
  • First asymmetrical skyscraper & world tallest stone cladded tower.
  • Largest office floor area in Kuwait City, approx. (2300m² Build-up, 1,750 Leasable) per floor Optimal & flexible floor plan.
  • One of a kind luxurious Tower Lobby entrance, 900m² & 24m high no Columns.
  • Sky Lobbies on the 30th & 55th levels, served as transfer floors, fully equipped business center and a spacious employee lounge 7 meters high ceiling.
  • Executive Floors on the 74th & 75th providing the highest business address in Kuwait with unique experience.
  • Sky Lounge starting at 351m providing a unique dining experience from the highest point in Kuwait.
  • Sky Corridors connecting both wings of the Tower floors with breath-taking views.
  • Two Refuge floors designed and equipped for emergency occurrences 29th & 54th floors.
  • The Tower alone is serviced by 43 state of the art Elevators.
  • Fiber optic backbone allows unlimited future development insuring a truly Smart Building.
  • The most advanced Building Automation system & IT telecom networking administrated by a world leading facility management company. 100% redundancy of power supply.
  • Incorporating the latest international safety requirements for skyscrapers.
  • Al Hamra Shopping Center consists of 5 levels accommodating the highest concentration of international luxury brands with unique F&B offerings & 9 VIP Cinemas.
  • One of a kind outdoor Roof Garden on top of Al Hamra Shopping Center.
  • Exceptional Outdoor landscape Plaza of 6,000 m².
  • Multi-storey Car Park consists of 11 levels with approximate capacity of 2,000 cars, connected to the Tower and the Shopping Center through several bridges at multi levels.

Technical Specification

  • 289 piles 1200 mm diameter ranging in depth from 22 to 27 m
  • The Concrete was Pumped over 400 meters height to a stationary placing boom which distribute Concrete to Every Floor
  • Al Hamra Tower is covered with 84,000m2 of limestone tiles on south wall façade and a mesh tile covered with crushed limestone on the curved wall trancadis.
  • GPS System with three antennas connected to a satellite has been used to determine the exact coordinates on every new Level during construction
  • The Lamella is a structure which was created by curving the entrance columns outwards from a height of 60 meters to create a column free main lobby, the Lamella were built with fiberglass formwork fabricated from shop drawings generated from a 3D model , it consists of steel plates up to 160 mm thick, requiring nearly 400 days to complete.
  • The desire to make the most of the views of the water suggested a floor plan without south-facing office space. However, solar analyses conducted with the aim of reducing heat gain from the brutal desert sun supported the removal of the quadrant at the southwest corner of every floor.
  • Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) studies and the subsequent wind-tunnel testing of physical models demonstrated that a tower with a slightly irregular profile would be the most effective in mitigating vortex shedding—a phenomenon that creates wind eddies and induces side-to-side movement—an obviously undesirable feature in a supertall building55000 m2 of curtain walls has been fixed on the external façade of the building forming the sculptured shape of the Tower.
  • Substation : the business tower was consisting of 5 numbers electrical substations located at different level floors as B2, 4,27 ,52 ,76 including new equipment’s (panels + transformer).