The Story

At a height of 414 meters, in the heart of Kuwait City, Al Hamra Tower breaks all records, at this height, Al Hamra enjoys the recognition of being amongst the ten highest skyscrapers in the world, and it’s innovative design places Kuwait on the map as a center for business and creativity.
The vision is to create a center of excellence, integrating every available resource with state-of-the-art technology, creativity and originality! No efforts will be spared to turn the vision into reality.

Al Hamra is the new landmark with its iconic tower heralding a new era of development and prosperity in Kuwait.
Like an enshrouded figure with its delicate glass veil, the apex of the Tower with carved flared walls depicts a continuation of the sculptural form infinitely upwards. The results reveal a rich, monolithic stone at the south wall framed by graceful, twisting ribbons of torque walls, which define the iconic form of the Tower.
One of the tallest towers in the world, and indeed, by far the tallest sculpted tower, Al Hamra is in a class of its own, visible from miles around, and for those in the tower itself, providing spectacular views over much of Kuwait and across the Arabian Gulf.

The solid South Wall is designed in a way to decrease the solar radiation. Openings are based on the relationship of the envelope and its position in relation to the sun. the geometry of the interior wall is generated and responds to the need to minimize solar heat gain. This wall not only protects the building from critical environmental conditions, but also takes on the role of the structural spine of the building.