Carolina Herrera

The CH Carolina Herrera space at the Al Hamra Luxury Center is inspired by the luxurious interiors found in Arabic architecture.

Maintaining the key elements of the elegant style that marks the designer’s stores, further decorative features commonly seen in palaces, mosques and madrassas have been incorporated, creating a sophisticated environment reminiscent of the luxury associated with the Nasrid era.

The warmly colored Berber haimas lit by lanterns and the fabric-covered ceilings are the predominant features of the entrance area. Visitors are made to feel right at home and can enjoy sitting on the beautiful low ottomans, complemented by luxurious silk and velvet cushions. Paper lanterns are hung above and gently enhance the effect of the light, creating a warm and welcoming space that is a faithful representation of the patios found in Umayyad palaces.

Touches of the decorative arts and filigree work, so prominent in the architecture of the area, can be found in the men’s area. Geometric motifs appear on the wooden coffered ceiling, lending a masculine and refined air to the space.

 Over 350 square meters of space designed according to Arabic interiors: filtered lighting, silk rugs, warm colors and, overall, a warm and welcoming sensation that is felt by all who enter. Welcome to the house of Carolina Herrera in Kuwait.


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