Il Caffè di Roma

Il Caffè di Roma is the Italian coffee-house chain run by Lavazza. The unique and welcoming atmosphere, uninfluenced by passing fashions or short-lived trends, reflects that of the traditional Italian cafè, a place where people like to meet. An espresso at Il Caffè di Roma is a treat for all five senses, an experience to be enjoyed to the full: the friendly, relaxed atmosphere, infused with warm colors and the aroma and flavor of genuine Italian espresso coffee, with a thick, dense, enveloping cream.
Il Caffè di Roma is the place to enjoy a special Italian break. In addition to our espresso we also offer a wide selection of other coffee specialties, ranging from the classics to some highly innovative recipes, created exclusively for Il Caffè di Roma, all waiting to be discovered.


The first Il Caffè di Roma opened in Spain in 1994. Its aim was to revive the warm, welcoming atmosphere typical of traditional Italian cafés. Lavazza acquired the chain in 1999 and set out to strengthen the concept and turn it into a leading exporter of the perfect Italian espresso. Much progress has been made since then and today Il Caffè di Roma stands for the ultimate in Italian coffee.


For more than 110 years Lavazza, the Italian coffee specialist, has been dedicated to selecting the finest blends of coffee from different parts of the world to make the perfect espresso every day. Lavazza oversees each single step of the production process, from the careful selection and picking of only the best beans right through to the delicate toasting process. Each step is important to guarantee the unique, unmistakable aroma of our coffee. Il Caffè di Roma is a well-established format with the backing and expertise of a leading quality coffee company recognized worldwide as the ambassador of the genuine Italian espresso. Ever since it was first established, more than a century ago, innovation and creativity have been the hallmarks of Lavazza’s advertising campaigns. The company’s well-constructed image and distinctive artistic flair are immediately apparent in the settings, initiatives and promotional material of Il Caffè di Roma
It's worth mentioning that LAVAZZA Co., standardized as one of the leading manufacturer coffee makers in Europe where company turnover has exceeded 1 Billion Euro.


Il Caffè di Roma embodies the values of friendship, warmth, spontaneity, closeness, familiarity and cordiality typical of the Italian spirit in its most positive aspects.
The Il Caffè di Roma brand has a distinctive personality and is seen as a traditional, informal, welcoming, balanced, easy going and relaxed place, where customers immediately feel at ease.


With its widespread distribution network, today Lavazza remains family owned and reaches over 80 countries around the worldwide such as Rome, Turin, Perugia, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Marbella, Zaragoza, Pamplona, Granada, Sevilla, Sta, Cruz de Tenerife, Lisboa, Porto, Ponta Degada, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Damascus, Aleppo, Tripoli and will be opened first branch in Kuwait at AL-Hamra Luxury Center soon.

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